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Ok I called a VC firm in NYC last night….

Ok I called a VC firm in NYC last night. It was a follow up call after waiting a week for a reply. Lesson learnt (again), don’t talk to the secretary, ask to talk to someone in charge. But hey never give up… I called the parent company straight after in Paris. My site has been updated and I have put together an updated followup email.

Holiday Nova (HN) is going really well but it would be much better if I had a non commission based sales team and a real marketing budget.

Now I have a list of a few hundred vc’s so we’ll see… you might have heard stories of people like
Donald Trump running around at the start looking for investors. Obviously the bigger and more experienced your investor is, the better chances you have of success.

oh and remember, come have a look at and please tell your friends. I’m personally going to use the site for sure!!! we really have the cheapest prices, sometimes it’s up to 50% cheaper then going direct.

Sorry not photos today … til next time :)