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Apartments Karlobag, Gospic and Lika in Croatia

Karlobag is located on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast and is one of Croatia’s yet to be discovered tourist gems.

Established in the 1300’s by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, Karlobag has a rich history. It boasts the ruins of a medieval fortress called Fortica, the Capuchine Monastery which is open to the public and features many old artworks, other churches in town date from the 1600’s & the town is home to a monument to Croatian linguist Sime Starcevic who wrote the first texts on Croatian language grammar.

This town of approximately 1000 is extremely central to all that is best on the Adriatic coast.

Across the water is the island of Pag, famous in summer for its Beautiful beaches and all the usual island activities like smorkelling, banana boats, parasailing and jetskiing. Then if all that hasn’t tired you out, once the sun goes down the music slowly calls you to a mammoth, free-entry, Ibiza-like party on the beach.

These parties go off and are legendary, so be sure to get to one!

The Velebit mountain range overlooks the town, it features the highest peaks in Croatia, and the locals have taken to it as much as they have to the sea. Activities you can do include Mountain climbing, hiking, and you can even attend an annual rally-car event, which see’s competitors tackling skinny winding cliffside roads at breakneck speeds!

Karlobag is quite central, to the south there are the famous seaside towns of Split, Zadar & Dubrovnik. To the North there is the region of Istria which features a lively amalgam of Italian & Croatian cultures, resulting in an amazing experience for those who love their food, wine & architecture.

Using Karlobag as your jumping point for these areas means you get to see the best the Adriatic coast has to offer.

For those on a budget, due to its small size and relative obscurity, Karlobag is quite cheap. Staying in Karlobag and taking day-trips to nearby islands and cities is a cost-effective way of experiencing one of the wonders of the Mediteranean while keeping to a budget. Karlobag has many family run guest houses & bed & breakfasts, where your host will be happy to welcome you and give you lots of local advice and tips.

You won’t get that at a 4-star hotel in Dubrovnik, where you’ll be paying 2-3 times the price!

Hire a car to travel down the coast to Zadar, Split & Dubrovnik on a scenic autobahn-like highway, that doesn’t appear to be policed, judging by the exotic Ferrari’s, Porches and German luxury cars I spotted trying to break the sound barrier to get to Dubrovnik.

Staying in one of the larger towns in summer has the downside of everyone else also having a similar idea – the result is that most of these towns, although designated as “cities” are really only designed to accommodate the inhabitants, so in peak season when the population doubles & triples, the roads are congested, the restaurants & bars are booked out and the hotels are overrun.

So by staying in Karlobag, you can be smug in the knowledge that you have avoided most of the annoyances of tourism in the peak season, and relax and enjoy the best that the Adriatic has to offer.

But even a little place like Karlobag is becoming a sought after destination so book early to get your accommodation and activities locked in. has great offers on accommodation, tours and activities for this town and surrounding regions.

This location Karlobag is close to Zrce a beach famous for partying and considered by many as the next Ibiza. I have even seen ibiza Ferrari’s there, not to meantion lots of yachts … the place is called Papaya in the town of Novalja on the island of Pag. Karlobag is also in central Croatia one hour away from Zadar which next to Split which is close to Dubrovnik. You can get to all these locations via a new autobarn which in all practicle purposes has no speed limits. Up North you have Istria and then Italy. Oh and my favorite places are inland to the east where you can go mountain hiking, paintball, paragliding, skiing in winter and vertually anything you can imagine that can be done on a mountain range overlooking the Adriatic sea. Trust me, like everyone else, you too will want to come back if you go there.

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