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5 secrets of what is needed to succeed with a travel site

Succeed in Search:
– Google, target key words with high number of searches, low competition, high likelihood of conversion. I used a googles webmaster and a tool called market samurai
– Google, use google trends to looks at what languages are searching key words eg location
– Website, use selected key words for that region that meet above criteria. They must show up in your title tag, url, H1 H2 H3 headers, description meta data and the content of your page.
– Update your xml and html sitemap file.
– Promote the url on all related sites but choose the url in the language that has the largest audience reported by google trends.
– Wait for your sites to rank. Try to get links to your site from reputable sites.

Succeed in offline promotion via outbound partner travel agents:
– Offer outbound specialists an outbound account and your inbound products and a commission
– Offer outbound accounts a extra % and fixed deal with select inbounds based on booking history

Succeed in offline promotion via inbound partners and product owners:
– Offer a fair commission per booking.
– Allow promotion of their products for no cost.
– Use all forms of promotion to promote their niche
– guarantee payment by taking full upfront payment of the product from the customer

Succeed with Customers to the site:
– Have real time upfront payment with cancellation and money back policies.
– Guarantee best price online and offer prices that are cheaper then anywhere else online or going direct.
– Offer contact details of products, sales team, travel agents after booking is complete.
– Don’t require login but create login when they purchase and allow them to login and check booking details in the future
– Send booking details with link to be able to cancel booking real time.
– Provide all information that might be of interested like photos, videos, reviews and descriptions of the product.

Do not use any black hat SEO techniques only white hat!