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Amazing new locations and tours added to…

Amazing new locations and tours added to Holiday Nova the last few days

All these tours are from Huck Finn tours. I have gone on one of them are they are absolutely first class and very popular. The founder Zeljko Keleman was on the catamaran. He’s english is perfect and he’s very knowledgable. I believe that he was once the trainer for the Croatian national canoeing team. Any of these tours are going to be a big hit with people.

I’ve arrived back to Hanoi Vietnam. A b…

I’ve arrived back to Hanoi Vietnam. A bit of twist, wordpress is working but facebook isn’t. Looks like I will finally have a lot of time to get hotels on the site. I also finally have time to review the contract details for sales partners. Something that’s been holding up signing on a partnership with up to 500 commission based sales partners. I have decided to reinvest all profits into my teams and with our partners. There’s no need to pay dividends because I own all shares.Why keep the money when we can reinvest to improve our partners business and enjoy ourselves. I also am directly involved in Solar panel sales with I will promote the financial benefits of going green and look into carbon sequestration technology. I have contact with management. They sponsor and have technologies in all power supply methods except nuclear.

Another quick update. I have will be per…

Another quick update. I have will be personally getting involved in sales in the solar power industry. I think this because I will learn about the strengths/weaknesses of eco friendly energy and then I can introduce this to my partners in Holiday Nova. This was a part of my original goal and why I have eco quotas …

Holiday Nova will reinvest all it’s profits back into it’s partners and also into alternative energy for them.

I’m back in Melbourne for a week. I hav…

I’m back in Melbourne for a week. I have some excellent deals in Vietnam but I need to spend some time to upload them. January should be a less busy month so I will have time to take photo etc. I’m in Melbourne and most people are on holiday right now. Not a great time to get much work done. I have been asked from friends in the USA for help finding a place in Melbourne for the Austrlian open. I’ve given them some suggestions they really like, eg carlton. And that gives me the idea, I have a day or two I should try to contact these places while I’m here.

There are a few limitations I need to take care of when trading in Australia at the moment so I will do this when I’m back in the Country start of February.

The pace of development again looks slow but that is because it’s 100% reliant on my activities and others in the team are also busy. I or someone else needs to get that moment of free days to make a lot more happen.

I’ve listed to It’s just waiting for approval. This will give it visibility to investors in the USA.

I arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam last Monday. …

I arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam last Monday. Flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific was excellent because they had the best selection of movies compared to other airlines. I think flew from Hong Kong to Hanoi with Dragon airlines and they had the best meals I’ve had on any airline. Overall I great flight. Hanoi has the best food, I’ve had a 100% success rate with getting very tasty meals.

Quick update, while I have been off flying and settling into Hanoi my developers have been working on a great photo upload tool. We’ve chosen one and will integrate very soon.

Next we have an innovative chat help on the site home page. If you have any questions as support is online you can ask the directly about anything.

Had about 3 hours of meetings. A lot is …

Had about 3 hours of meetings. A lot is happening. I can’t give away too much but now I’m talking to a very trusted old friends that is and has experts in travel working for him. They have been running adventure tours in Asia, Europe and Africa. They are quite large and we have complimentary strengths.

I am also in talks with human resource professionals. We may have a chance to still yet have a team in time for the next peak season for our first market, Croatia.

I have someone going to Saturday in Geelong and another partner going Sunday in Melbourne. This will be an excellent opportunity.

Currently how long it takes for products…

Currently how long it takes for products to show up on the site:

10 minutes discuss registering on site + 10 minutes create account and approval + 30 minutes follow up for photos descriptions + 240 minutes for a medium sized product page

Future improvement for adding products

10 minutes discuss registering on site + 10 minutes create account and approval + 10 minutes for follow up for photos descriptions + 15 minutes for medium sized product page

Improvements come from easier tools for product owners to be able to upload photos to the site. Lessons learned are that inbound product owners don’t go to any effort at this stage to do anything themselves. Hotels will only with pressure from Directors! Professional conduct. At this stage sales teams need to upload photos so the only way to help this early stage adoption problem is to make the process for product owners to upload photos to a server with descriptions very easy, meaning no need for username and passwords. Then the photos with which the tool renamed the files, should be easily accessible, structured per room or tour and uploaded in minutes to the actual account page. This process is part of the critical path to launching each product and must be made as efficient as current technology allows.