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Ok I’m off to Japan, I’ll be staying in shinigawa. This will be my first time in Japan. Before that though I’ve stopped in Malaysia and taken a train then bus to Malaka, trains station I got off from airport was Bandar Tasig Selatan! Then got a bus from there using (tbs) terminal besepadu Selatan to malaka only aud$3

The place is very nice, I’m staying on the river in the old area called jonker! Voyage cottage lodge is we extremely clean and comfortable and the staff are very helpful and friendly!

Locals are friendly too, one sneakily paid for my diner last night?!

I’ve been to malaka before and I know this spot, it’s perfect 100 meters from start of the night market and across the road from the famous tshirt shop orangutan! I canfinally buy myself some real art tshirts again.

Anyway I better go I have a few things to prepaair before the wedding tonight and then heading back to kl in the morning.. Before Japan..

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