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Day job keeping me busy but it’s not all bad

So I have been very busy at work preparing presentations. When I say preparing this is in Phd. territory, I have been working with designers to solve both all the new feature problems and then explain all the KPI’s.. the formulas for the statistics (KPIs) have been updated, everything needs evidence…  So one hour presentations haven’t been long enough. I have another one coming. I activate my feature again hopefully in a week or so and then I’ll have to analyze and present the results. Presenting the increase in capacity and improved customer experience is going to be worth it.

I should say what company I work for because its not relevant to my own company Holiday Nova. Another things is I’ve been asked to go to Japan. That’s a whole new story. I’ve only realised that the reactors in Fukushima actually exploded and radiated over 20km!!! There are Geiger counter results showing there is definitely radioactive Iodine and Cesium in Tokyo… the uSv/hr were 7 times background levels.. now that the iodine has decayed they are constant at 3 times the normal background level. I have guidelines from Australia and WHO that have reports of Chernobyl and recommended levels… The delta in the normal levels to new levels is very large and therefore it is equivalent to Chernobyl. What WHO found for Chernobyl was that there was a very large increase in thyroid cancer not just 20km from the reactor but 500km !!! Fukushima is only 200km from Tokyo. So I probably won’t go there.

So back to business. I have had a few meetings and offers for partnership. I haven’t followed up on them and the deals I have with playboy Macau, Radisson Blu, Sofitel and the smaller travel groups need to be contacted for updated prices. I still need money for employ sales people. I’m also interested in connecting to a database but I’m in no rush… if I don’t get investors and I slowly get a database on the site I won’t need investors!. Imagine I’ve had 3 bookings this last 3 months and I only have about 10 products. Only two of the products were booked and not suprising they were the ones with that had the best and most organised content. With a content guide I’m sure the other will convert more. So content guide and a lot of content is needed. If I had sales staff then an ipad app is needed for updating products directly to the site. A good ipad app will manage the content rule and upload all the details including photos, descriptions, pricing and availability.

Signing off for now. I wish people had some questions about what I’m doing in Croatia. Any requests for different places to be added to the site. Throw them my way. I bet I can get a holiday that’s better then you can plan and cheaper then you can ever get anywhere else or by yourself Winking smile test me.