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First Holiday Nova Promotion

Okay it’s time for our first exclusive promotion. This maybe the biggest promotion we will ever have and it this will definitely never happen again. It will likely pay mean a lot in the next few years and you’re getting a holiday that is the cheapest online. 

Holiday Nova has different types of memberships and they are by invite and special request only.




Certain rooms and tours are visible to certain members.

Some will show up to people that have a specific email address but that is aimed for corporate and special requests.

The highest and most elite membership is BLACK. To get BLACK you have to be in the league with Richard Branson or Alicia Keys of status.

Below BLACK level there is Blue and Platinum.

Think about special promotions like fantasy island and space tourism or exclusive invites to events that may include movie stars etc.

Sounds unaffordable or unlikely, it is but not for the BLACK members. BLACK members are the elite.

That’s why I will only give away 5 memberships to the first 5 bookings of over ONLY $1000 in either currency you are charged in; AUD,USD or EUR.

We have had one large booking so there are only 4 memberships left.


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