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Near Mercure Hanoi La Gare

It’s Friday 11 Feb, 2011 and I’m in Hanoi in central and most exclusive location called Hoan Kiem.

My plans today are to organise a tour to Halong Bay. I can’t wait to see it. The past 2 months have been very cold during the day but the last week including today it’s getting toasty. I’m sure it’s in the mid 20’s plus some extra humidity compared to what I’m used in Melbourne Australia.

I’m visiting and organising my trip to Halong bay with the Mercure La Gare. I think it’s best to organise with them because I’m here for another day and I know I don’t have to worry.

I’ve just had breakfast in Ngon

and I’m chilling in a Highland café across the road. I’m only around the corner from Mercure La Gare. above me is a new bar called the roof top. Very classy. Around the block is the most popular club in Hanoi called 17 cowboys.

Here are some photos I took moments ago

. P1020623





Ngon hanoi

highland cafe hanoi


mailinh taxi


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