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Amazing new locations and tours added to…

Amazing new locations and tours added to Holiday Nova the last few days

All these tours are from Huck Finn tours. I have gone on one of them are they are absolutely first class and very popular. The founder Zeljko Keleman was on the catamaran. He’s english is perfect and he’s very knowledgable. I believe that he was once the trainer for the Croatian national canoeing team. Any of these tours are going to be a big hit with people.

If you want to book a holiday in Karloba…

If you want to book a holiday in Karlobag, Croatia you should book here


I’ve arrived back to Hanoi Vietnam. A b…

I’ve arrived back to Hanoi Vietnam. A bit of twist, wordpress is working but facebook isn’t. Looks like I will finally have a lot of time to get hotels on the site. I also finally have time to review the contract details for sales partners. Something that’s been holding up signing on a partnership with up to 500 commission based sales partners. I have decided to reinvest all profits into my teams and with our partners. There’s no need to pay dividends because I own all shares.Why keep the money when we can reinvest to improve our partners business and enjoy ourselves. I also am directly involved in Solar panel sales with I will promote the financial benefits of going green and look into carbon sequestration technology. I have contact with management. They sponsor and have technologies in all power supply methods except nuclear.