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Archive for December, 2010

Another quick update. I have will be per…

Another quick update. I have will be personally getting involved in sales in the solar power industry. I think this because I will learn about the strengths/weaknesses of eco friendly energy and then I can introduce this to my partners in Holiday Nova. This was a part of my original goal and why I have eco quotas …

Holiday Nova will reinvest all it’s profits back into it’s partners and also into alternative energy for them.

I’m back in Melbourne for a week. I hav…

I’m back in Melbourne for a week. I have some excellent deals in Vietnam but I need to spend some time to upload them. January should be a less busy month so I will have time to take photo etc. I’m in Melbourne and most people are on holiday right now. Not a great time to get much work done. I have been asked from friends in the USA for help finding a place in Melbourne for the Austrlian open. I’ve given them some suggestions they really like, eg carlton. And that gives me the idea, I have a day or two I should try to contact these places while I’m here.

There are a few limitations I need to take care of when trading in Australia at the moment so I will do this when I’m back in the Country start of February.

The pace of development again looks slow but that is because it’s 100% reliant on my activities and others in the team are also busy. I or someone else needs to get that moment of free days to make a lot more happen.

I’ve listed to It’s just waiting for approval. This will give it visibility to investors in the USA.