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I have a loyal sales team who work in travel and have been with me for 2 years through training videos and weekend meetings. They have been very patient during the site development process. Now we are in the market development process that has been proven directly by me and now I we need to expand.

Partnering as a sales team right now is the best opportunity to make money. Later once there is critical mass and we reach a tipping point in products leading to sales conversions we wont be partnering so easily because we will tend to employ. Currently partners have the options to expand and employ staff.

The website is a platform that benefits everyone. It has all the elements for success with a roadmap of improvements to really leverage all it’s elements.

Example of possible improvements
– Promote the already developed customer types like black, platinum and blue members. We also have corporate members. This means products on the site can be hidden and only available to certain member tyeps. This means they can receive extra special deals or organize functions/events for themselves exclusively.

– Version 2.0 of the site, We are at version 1.1, will expand on benefits to the outbound accounts. At the moment they make a fixed 3% of the profits. Later then will get negotiation options with inbound partners to get $ and % discounts. It’s a good idea to use the site now though because we are collecting statistics so in the future outbound partners will be rewarded for booking. If outbounds book certain inbounds repetitively they will likely have more leverage to ask for better deals with that inbound. You may wonder why wouldn’t they bypass the site and go direct, they can but it doesn’t cost anything to use the site and there’s benefits with other inbounds if an outbound has a good reputation.


Comments on: "Thanks and two future roadmaps revealed" (1)

  1. When I say future roadmap. Some features are developed already like the membership types, but need to go through some more testing and it is not the right to put to market. Remember the old horse before the cart analogy.

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