Offical blog for Holiday Nova Both popular and exclusive holidays at the cheapest price online, guaranteed!

I have some confusion I need to explain to people that have travel companies. (I will need to update the FAQ)

Yes Holiday Nova does both inbound and outbound! We have accounts for both but at the moment we are focusing on increasing inbound partners. We also have accounts for sales teams that make huge commissions if they sign up and add inbound partners. We need both inbound and outbound partners.

Yesterday became a busy day but not with Holiday Nova! I did get some unexpected calls. One from a bank educational institute and another from who both want to work together. This is great and of course. If we can help each other increase how much we have to offer and reduce the cost of the offers to customers then I’m interested.

Holiday Nova is still being featured on Looking for venture capital. Yes I need a sales team. Other then the benefit of inbound and outbound business (supply/demand) the largest benefit of working with Holiday Nova is being a sales partner! And of course customers to the site benefit by prices that are equal or less then anything else online. So if you are interested in any of this just contact me via

I am working on some html pages to put at the bottom of the site. I need sitemap, jobs, blog and favourite sites links. If anyone can think of anything else that might be useful please reply to this post.



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