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Meeting at the local


What a day today,  I had sent to work,  my day job, hoping for a quiet day on a Sunday on emergency support.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to write up a new product or put together a list of vcs to contact.  No

I just finished a meeting with Jason from tullamarine airport. He asked to meet because he saw the site on facebook and he wants to be part of the tourism business.  His fiance is a tour guide in Rome but they have been in tourism for some time.  This is an opportunity for them to promote Orally and Melbourne by adding great locations and tours.  We’ll see how this goes,  i’ve had teams like this before and it’s great up til they have to approach their first hotel,  difference is Jason does this everyday for a living already.  I have hope.  This way he will make more money then some who wants to be funded by what I get from a venture capital firm.

My goal is to still focus on Croatia myself.  As soon as the new photo upload tool is done we’ll have lots of products going on.  People will be able to benifit from cheapest prices and locations not found anywhere else on a sure that actually shows you what you’ll get! 


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