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Good news, Jason (who will probably read this one day) completed the application form for the product owner account (incoming account in travel agent terminology).

He has access to the admin now, next I’ll have to get some photos, videos and description to help him set up his first page then his travel agent can start taking bookings. His contact in Italy has a travel agent license!

I’ve posted a few updates on twitter related to VC’s and had a look at Matt Cutt’s list of friends. It’s like a crash course on learning who owns what company in his friends list. Interesting people to follow in there. Search for mattcutts.

Tomorrow is a big day. There is a little link problem on the site that needs to be fixed up by the developers after their SEO changes last week. Google don’t crawl yet. I need to also include a link to the html version of the sitemap at the bottom of each page, helping customers and google be able to look at every product at once on one page. And the big then I need this week, I hope the developers find time, is to recode the photo upload tool. It’s one photo at a time right now, I need something like facebook with many photos at a time and updating alt tag taken from the file name. With that it won’t be 6 hours per hotel anymore, it might be 15 minutes! :) that means I can put the 100 or so businesses on that site that I have on my desk right now. I got these a month back from my trip to Croatia, they have waited long enough.


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